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"Wayne is a true professional."

Wayne is a true professional. Exception work, willing to go the extra mile, always timely, with extensive experiences in the Bay Area real estate market.I bought my first home with Wayne. He walked me through the home buying mentality in a competitive market. Got me what I wanted in the market.Wayne is a pleasant and genuine friend. I will surely be going to him in the future for my next home. Go with Wayne, he will make IT happen for you.

- Henry T

"I was really lucky to connect with Wayne Ho"

First time homebuyer in the sf Bay Area and I've heard horror stories from people about trying to buy a house in SF. I was really lucky to connect with Wayne Ho. We sat down to have a convo about wants and needs and that evening (my 2nd day of house hunting) I was in contract to buy a house with all the contingencies recommended by Wayne. The following month long process of escrow and dealing with the bank was handled quickly and efficiently by Wayne. I was able to close on time with very little issues. Lucky to have worked with him. I recommended him to the rest of my family who are also interested in buying a house.

- Lily P

"Wayne has been great help"

Wayne has been great help. I'm very happy with wayne as my realtor, I could not have asked for a better realtor than Wayne Ho. He is prompt and courteous and always did his best to make his schedule accommodation mine.He is very knowledgeable, patient and mostly has very warm Hospitality, wayne is very trustworthy realtor

- Iju M

"Wayne was my realtor for a purchase 3 years ago"

Wayne was my realtor for a purchase 3 years ago. Our family just sold and bought again, it's a challenging process. Wayne's experienced, honest, diligent, prompt, patient, detailed when needed, fast when needed, and professional. He's a great listener and communicator, and advises on situations very well. Wayne is VERY familiar with the bay area market and neighborhoods, which is needed because it's the bay area market. Absolutely recommend him!

- MK

"Wayne was our go to person in the purchase of our first home."

Wayne was our go to person in the purchase of our first home. It was a really stressful short sale process but Wayne held our hands through it all. He was so patient with us, even the crazy questions and expectations we had. Wayne puts his clients first and truly listens to their needs. He is an agent any home buyer would be lucky to have in their corner. We are thankful to have met Wayne and most importantly grateful to have him as a friend.

- Jessuca H

"I highly recommend Wayne to be your agent"

I was a first-time buyer looking to purchase my first house in the San Francisco Bay Area. As everyone knows, as of this writing the market here is kind of crazy. After working with a couple of agents, I was put in touch with Wayne and am glad that I ended up working with him and his agency. I started off knowing almost nothing about the real estate market and after working with Wayne, I now know more than I ever did. He guided me through the whole process from searching for the right house all the way through the closing process. If you're looking to enter the real estate market as either a buyer or a seller, I highly recommend Wayne to be your agent

- Vance W

"He is one of the most genuinely helpful people I have ever"

If you're a first time buyer, then you should look no further than Wayne Ho of Realty World - Advance Group. He is one of the most genuinely helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would say I'm a pretty anxious person on a normal basis (like 100% more than the general population), but Wayne was able to alleviate some of that anxiety by being super patient and answering all of my random questions. He is very on top of things and made our buying process very smooth. He is experienced and also very well connected within his industry, which made communication with other parties quick and painless. He definitely has his customers' best interest at heart and will work with your wants and needs given what you've got. If you're looking for a place in the SF Bay Area, he's definitely your guy! I've already recommended him to my friends and family. =P

- Ames B

"We surely want Wayne to serve as our agent again"

We bought our Daly City house through Wayne. He provided first rate round-the-clock service tailored to our needs. He spent many weekends helping us research and tour homes that fit our growing family. He was always available for questions whenever we needed him. After the house closed, Wayne helped us with hiring contractors for the remodel and recommended places to order fixtures and cabinets. Can you say that about your agent? We first met Wayne after he helped our mom find her home. She spoke so highly of him that we had to see for ourselves. Boy were we glad that he became our agent! Even though it's been a few year since we've bought our home, we still stay in constant contact with Wayne. We like hanging out with him because he's an all-around great guy. We surely want Wayne to serve as our agent again when we look for a bigger home.

- Lisa K

"Wayne is just a genuine nice and cool guy."

I don't know how Wayne manages to do it all and excels in providing such top-notch service! And to top it off, the best part of all is Wayne is just a genuine nice and cool guy. Thank you Wayne for turning us into homeowners!! We highly recommend Wayne to anyone wanting an excellent realtor/agent for their home purchasing or selling needs!


"Wayne is incredibly dedicated to his profession"

Wayne is incredibly dedicated to his profession and worked hard to timely answer any and all of our questions frankly and honestly, which we really appreciated. We were so impressed at the promptness in his responses, and always felt comfortable with the decisions we were making, knowing Wayne was there to make sure we made the best choice. Wayne was patient with us and kept us focused when we were losing sight of the bigger picture, and went above and beyond in arranging all the necessary paperwork and coordinating meetings with inspectors, appraisers, loan officers.

- Jing D

"Wayne was very encouraging and made excellent recommendations"

Wayne was introduced to us by Matthew Ma with Avant Real Estate Group (Matt is also amazing!) and right away we appreciated Wayne's genuine personality, his professionalism, honesty and eagerness to find us a single family house that met our needs and wants. My husband and I knew trying to buy a house was probably going to be a steep uphill climb because face it, it's 2016 and we live in the San Francisco Bay. But Wayne was very encouraging and made excellent recommendations on which properties would work best for our needs, using his expert knowledge of the market conditions.


"So thrilled to be first time home owners!!"

So thrilled to be first time home owners!! Couldn't have done it without Wayne, who took super great care of me and my husband every step of the way through this crazy process.


"Having Wayne in our corner made this stressful process much easier to manage."

As a first-time home owner, having Wayne in our corner made this stressful process much easier to manage. Wayne is incredibly knowledgeable of the Peninsula real estate market. Throughout the progress of searching for our first home, he really tried to understand our needs before making any recommendations for us. Best of all, he is extremely thorough and made us feel confident that everything was in good hands. With how crazy the market in Peninsula is today, working with Wayne was obviously an advantage through his knowledge of the different areas, and personal connections with realtors.We highly recommend Wayne if you are looking for a realtor, because not only that he will try his best to find you the best home, he also will treat you as a best friend of his.

- Alfred L

"Wayne has got to be the most knowledgeable real estate person in the SF bay area market"

Unbelievable!! We brought our home this week. It is so excited to having our own home!!The market is really crazy and unpredictable.I would say as a first time home buyer buying a single family house in SF bay area is like an impossible mission. It is a tough journey. However, I am so glad that having Wayne as our agent. Wayne has got to be the most knowledgeable real estate person in the SF bay area market. I found working with him a joy and felt like he was there to help us during every step of the processes.He is patient enough to explain detail to us. Simply we know nothing about the market and the process of purchasing a house before we enter the market. Seriously, I mean every detail regardless situation. Also, He responds incredibly fast!! My husband used to text/email him in the morning at 7am on his way to work or at night around 11PM. He replied us within minutes. It feels so good that our concern being taking care right away once it raise. Personally, I think choosing a real agent is more than professional experience. Throughout the whole process, I feel like the real agent is like a friend, a partner, and a companion that fight together to get a house in a crazy market. To me, the whole experience is important. The agent needs to be trust worthy and realizable. Wayne is the one you can trust and you can share your own feeling without any hesitation. It is just a miracle for us that we got our first home. We love the weather, the house, and the neighborhood!! But without Wayne as our agent, definitely we may be still searching and struggling in the crazy market.

- Samantha L

"He is very honest and patient"

If I have to describe Wayne in a few words, I would say he is very honest and patient. I've dealt with many agents and Wayne is by far the best one. He really have you in his best interest. Because of his honesty, I trust every advice he gave me. It's a worry free process.Wayne helped me sold my first house. It was a complicated process due to many reasons, but Wayne was there helping me each step of way. He took care of everything for me on all the paper works. All I have to do is let him explain and sign documents.Finally, he's not only an expert in real estate, he knows everything around it from construction works, selling old furnitures, and dealing with the city permits. He even get down dirty to help me clear out the house and sell my furnitures.The whole selling experience was great. He went above and beyond to help me sell the house. Turning a stressful situation into a worry free experience.Thank you Wayne. Hope you'll help me buy and sell more houses.

- Kevin L.

"Wayne has been an absolute pleasure to work with"

Wayne has been an absolute pleasure to work with from the moment I emailed him about a condo I saw posted on Zillow. He is very knowledgeable about the areas he covers and has always been very quick to reply to any questions and to provide any suggestions. All parts of the transactions were very smooth thanks to his knowledge and diligence. Wayne has made himself available to me at any moment I needed his help by phone, email, text, and in person. He also worked very well and very quickly with my mortgage broker, who was impressed by his exceptional timelines in responding to her requests unlike many other real estate agents she has worked with. I feel very fortunate and grateful for having had Wayne by my side through the buying process! Thank you Wayne for playing such a great part in getting my new home :-)

- Sasha K